Albert Adria

"Albert Adrià: Beyond elBulli"

He turns marshmallows into tree branches, mango into ice cream cones, just about anything into caviar, and can make tomatoes taste more like steak tartare than steak tartare. Albert Adrià is a culinary magician. He's been called "the most complete cook" in the world by his brother Ferran; the same brother who is universally considered the best chef in the world. It's time for Albert to leave his brother's shadow, to move beyond Ferran's incomparable restaurant elBulli, and to claim his proper place among the world's great artists. ALBERT ADRIÀ: BEYOND ELBULLI is a four-­hour documentary that, via extraordinary behind-­the-­scenes access, will venture inside the mind of one of the most creative people on the planet. Our mission: discover the intensity, psychology, passion and teamwork that go into these remarkable works of art, finally capturing the magical moment every chef lives for: the moment they realize they have struck culinary gold, creating something totally unique; something that until this moment has defied imagination. We’ll also follow Albert's quest to bring his avant-garde cuisine to the masses – a quest many purists would love to see fail. As with Mozart, there have been bumps in the road: battles with his brother, burnout and self-doubt. It all contributes to who Albert Adrià is today – someone who doesn't know how to stop, is never satisfied, and is always looking for the next thing that will turn the culinary world on its head and back again. Despite his considerable achievements, Albert continues to lurk in the shadow of his brother Ferran. It's understandable. Ferran is to cooking what Lionel Messi is to soccer. But Albert is no less talented – some would argue more.