"Neighbor Wars"

Partners in Motion and Landmark Media Productions proudly present NEIGHBOR WARS, the new, hard- hitting, real-life drama that explores the contentious, dysfunctional, and sometimes violent relationships between homeowners and their neighbors. Filled with compelling stories and outrageous, larger than life characters, this up-close look at the wars that rage through America's communities is as raw and real as anything on television. Where passions run high, explosive exchanges are the norm. When the stakes are this big, law and order goes out with the trash.

Each half-hour episode of NEIGHBOR WARS focuses on a single compelling story from a residential community somewhere in America. As narration guides viewers, our cameras will capture the action, and cover all perspectives. From the courtroom to the street corner, the grocery store to the local hangout, Neighbor Wars keeps you on the front lines of the conflict. Often, our stories will be far too heated for just one episode. Updates, follow-ups, and recurring characters will play a key role in each season of the program. Tying all our stories together is conflict resolution specialist and big-time New York property lawyer Jason Oshins. Jason arrives on the scene when all other paths to peace have failed. His expert intervention may be the communities' last chance.

NEIGHBOR WARS is the next big American docu-soap. Think all the action and passion of A&E's "Storage Wars," and "Parking Wars," but with the stakes ratcheted sky high: this fight is over the most important investment our characters will ever make. In this war - nobody's backing down!

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