ART OF THE DEAL takes place on the spectacular island of Maui, home to one of the hottest art scenes in the world. Most of the island’s 30 plus galleries are on oceanfront Front Street in the town of Lahaina, where stars like Oprah Winfrey shop (she just dropped $100,000 at a local gallery) and Mick Fleetwood has a gallery of his own. But behind their stylish facades and gorgeous works of art, war rages! The psychological battle between buyer and seller, the cutthroat competition between the sales people – or, consultants – the fractious relationships with the artists, and the rivalry among the Maui galleries all form the nucleus of the series. Breathtaking Maui and the opulent world of art sales, where millionaires are often trumped by billionaires, form the setting. Embroiled in this arena is a great cast of characters who will provide an endless stream of fun and entertaining storylines that will often take us outside the galleries and into their lives, exploring all Maui has to offer.

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